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Our calendars show our play times and other events. You may view a calendar for a specific venue (location), a calendar combining all the indoor play opportunities or outdoor play opportunities, a calendar for specific levels of play,  a calendar showing all rated play, and more.

  • The combined Indoor Play and combined Outdoor Play calendars are color-coded by location.
  • The combined Calendar by Rating is colour-coded by rating level.
  • Individual location calendars and individual rating level calendars are colour-coded by level and by location respectively.
  • Colour code legends are shown at the bottom of most calendar views.
  • By clicking one of the links below, you will see events in a calendar view or a list view. You can toggle back and forth between calendar view and list view.
  • Registrations for reserved play and rating sessions are automatically handled through these calendars/event listings.  Click on a reservable event to register or be added to a waitlist. Where applicable, payment will also be collected upon registration. Read the event details to learn the cost and other details. See also the Reserved Play page

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