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Skills Levels and Ratings

Our club has members ranging from those who just want a spontaneous fun session to those who want to get to the top of the most competitive play possible.   We try to accommodate all these interests.

A rating system ensures players with similar skills are grouped together in club-organised play and tournaments. Players who are completely new to pickleball and have no previous skill with the sport start with a rating of 1.0; top players in the sport have a 5.0 rating. 

Not everyone needs to be formally rated.  There are several sessions in our play calendars, like those designated "All" play, Open Play, and 2.0-2.5 play, that accept players with no club or tournament rating.  

Why get rated?

For those who would like a little more competitive play, consider these advantages of a formal rating:

  • You can play in more events
  • Ratings enable members of similar skills to play together
  • It builds fun -- what's more thrilling than a close game?
  • It measures your progress
  • It helps you select suitable events
  • It sets up fairer tournaments, ladder play and other competitive play

lt is a requirement for our club and for other clubs in our region that players wishing to play in club-organized events at a 3.0 level or higher, be club-rated or tournament-rated at that level. 

How to get rated?

Our former rating system has been discontinued as of late January 2023, and SAPC is quickly developing a new rating regime.  See the Newsletter of January 30, 2023 for the first announcement of this change.

As announced to all members on Feb 3 2023, SAPC has placed a freeze on the acceptance of ratings from any raters or any other club pending the ratings process review currently underway. 

A Ratings Committee has been struck and is submitting a recommendation for the Board's consideration at it Feb 6 meeting.

The implementation of the new rating process is under development. When it is ready, this section will outline how to use that rating process to get rated.

Canadian Tournament Player Rating (CTPR)

Can I use my CTPR as my initial club rating?  Yes, under these conditions:

  • You must have played at least 10 sanctioned games.
  • You must email and request that your mixed doubles, mixed men's or mixed women's CTPR be used as your club rating.

Note that your CTPR is not the same as a Pickleball Brackets rating.   Your CTPR is one of the ratings inside the "Pickleball Canada Organization" in the Pickleball Brackets software.

A CTPR can be gained by joining PCO inside Pickleball Brackets and playing in tournaments sanctioned by Pickleball Canada. 

Skill Levels

What skills should one have at each level? Although the following rating sheets are no longer in use by SAPC, they still provide a great answer to this question.

Click on the link below to view or download a sheet. Practice the skills on each sheet to improve your play and increase your probability of reaching that level.

Why are Club Ratings Frozen?

There is a growing risk, if we accept a multitude of other evaluations, each with different thresholds and different evaluators, that the value and stability of our past and recent ratings will be diluted, diminished and devalued. 

While we know our rating system must change, we hope to guide this change in a way that sees us moving to another system that gives consistent, stable results and, ideally, is even more objective and verifiable than our former system. 

Accepting ratings from a variety of different evaluators is not likely to provide this stable, verifiable ratings regime. 

We ask our members for continued patience while we examine our options in this regard.

The SAPC Board


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